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vic zhou pic?

hello, i'm posting to ask for help finding a picture of vic zhou/zai zai (the actor who plays rei/ling in the live action). ^^;; the picture i'm looking for is the original pic from this wallpaper. or actually, even if it's not the original image, as long as it's mostly un-disturbed (and not turned all orange like this one).

the url on the wallpaper leads to a seemingly great site...but the site has many broken links. i googled like there was no tomorrow and got a bunch of dead-ends. i guess i just don't know where to look.

if i can't get help here i'm gonna have to join a vic zhou community just to find the image. @@; anyway, thanks for any help you can offer!

got the picture from a nice person at the vic zhou community. ^^ thank you guys for your help anyway!
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